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The DP-925-M is a gear driven heavy duty variable speed drill press. This premium drill press equips standard with MT#4 spindle taper, power feed and an auto reversing tap. Standard drilling capacity is up to 40mm (1-1/2”) for mild steel. The user friendly control interface comes with a speed potentiometer and digital read out for displaying actual quill RPM. The inverter variable speed allows users to drill and tap various steels at the proper speed, which extends tooling life and avoids unnecessary energy lost. When drilling at the exact speed, the tooling life can last for longer life than the regular pulley driven drills. The variable speed adjustments can be done freely within the range by a speed potentiometer knob.

Wide casting column provides strong support to the entire machine and reduces flexing as full 1-1/2” capacity drilling. The rigid base has built in powerful coolant system that provides sufficient spray at the quill. Both the base and the work table are made of premium casting iron that enhances the stability when drilling full capacity; their surfaces have the wide T-slot which helps securing vises, tooling or workpieces. Standard DP-925-M drill is also equipped with a splash guarding and a halogen work lamp.



  • M-type 40mm (1-1/2”) & B-type 45mm thru mild steel.

  • Inverter variable speed gear driven.

  • 3-speed power down feed.

  • Auto reverse tapping.

  • MT#4 spindle taper.

  • Digital rpm readout.

  • High precision T-slot worktable.

  • Integrated coolant system.

  • Single phase (220V) available.


DP-925-M Drilling Machine (Gear Drive)




40 mm (1-1/2”)

Cast iron

45 mm (1-3/4”)

Tapping Capacity

24 mm (15/16”)


530 mm (20.8”)

Spindle Taper


Spindle Travel

150 mm (6”)

Quill Diameter

75 mm (3”)

Column Diameter

115 mm (4-1/2”)

Spindle Nose to Table

605 mm (23.8”)

Spindle Nose to Base

1150 mm (45-1/3”)

Table Size (L x W)

560 x 470 mm (22” x 18-1/2”)

Table Slot

16 mm (5/8”)

Base Size (L x W)

485x685 mm (19”x27”)

Spindle (rpm)

High: 245~2000 Low: 65~540



2hp / 3ph or 1ph


1/8hp / 3ph

Net Weight / Gross Weight


Machine Size (L x W x H)

950 x 580 x 2000 mm (37-2/5” x 22-4/5” x 78”)

Packing Size (L x W x H)

940 x 648 x 2100 mm (37-1/2”x 25-1/2”x 83”)


48 cu.ft

Product > ‧Drilling Machine (Gear Drive) > ‧DP-925-M


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